Ryan Wilson

The Pokémon Company to Show Us Their Pokemans on Smartphones

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If you have either an iOS or Android device, you may soon be able to play your favorite animal cruelty simulator.

The Pokémon Company, a division of Nintendo specifically formed for publishing titles under the moniker, has revealed plans to bring the popular series to the two smartphone operating systems in the form of Pokémon Iie Tap. If my ability to translate the garbled mess that Google Translate offered serves me well, Pokémon Iie Tap is a rhythm game where players tap on Pokémon cards to the music of the anime. Fun stuff.

The game releases some time this Summer in Japan and will be compatible on iOS devices running at least version 4.3 and Android devices running Eclair (version 2.1) or higher. It is unknown at this time if the game will be locked to that region.


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