Ryan Thomason

The ‘Other’ Avatar, First Looks

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Sorry fearless leader Xopher, but I’m talking about the animated show, Avatar: Legend of Korra the new series that takes place 70 years after the original.

The new 12-part mini-series will follow Korra of the Southern Water Tribe as she attempts to master all of the elements as the nations’ new Avatar. And a lot has changed since the days of Aang — an older still of Korra surveying the cityscape of Republic City revealed some massive changes, like skyscrapers. Which is pretty dramatic, since the most impressive castles and forts from the original series were made out of dirt or ice. Everything else about Korra and her mysterious new city is being kept under lock and key.

The series will air on Nickelodeon in November 2011. Who’s going to be watching this?

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