The Only REAL Samus, Movie Role Choice

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With a number of quality games under her power-suit belt, this heroine has rolled into the hearts of many Nintendo fans like myself. The anticipation with her next two releases, Metroid Prime Trilogy and Metroid: Other M, are pretty high and I can’t help but wonder if they will resurrect the idea of making a movie. A sickening thought to (probably) tarnish the great series we all hold so dearly to our pants…errr heart!

Cheesy, but not too bad of an attempt.

There have been rumors and talks from the grainy, fake movie poster, to the attachment of many directors such as John Woo and hack Uwe Boll (Yes, April Fool’s joke) . And who can forget the roles with suggestion of Michelle Rodriguez and Jessica Alba? Still not sure about this whole Jessica Alba idea? Isn’t she like the exact opposite of Samus? To go along with the guessing game, IGN comprised a list of who could be Samus with Uma Thurman leading it all.

But they are all wrong. There is only one person that would be chosen by the Chozo. One woman who possesses beauty, strength, and sex appeal that would give Metroid fans nerdasms with the power of a 1,000 faps. The sole female who should dawn the name of Samus Aran is…


It is all so clear! The first time I saw Katee Sackhoff, she was jogging through the corridors of Galactica and I immediately was “interested.” That initial sex appeal she has is what you need when you see Samus fighting some aliens in the beginning and then take off her armor for the first time and give people that reaction again, “ZOMG, Samus has boobs!” Then she showed her aggressive/butch/tough side that proves she could handle the action whether in a Varia Suit or a Zero Suit. And top of that, she can actually act. Since a more outward story would have to be fleshed out for a movie to be possible, having her in the role would be beneficial to making it more enjoyable experience beyond eye candy.

She is the obvious and as far as I am concerned, the ONLY choice for this role. She is attractive and blonde so the Metroid/Nintendo fans will be happy as well as nonfans. Not to mention she would bring in Battlestar fans in for another action/sci-fi bout with their Starbuck. This sounds like a win win to me…unless the movie sucks and that case I blame the direction, Hollywood and Uwe Boll because you know in one way or another it has to be his fault.

*Image of Samus was photoshopped. Original art is of Psyclocke by Greg Horn.

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