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The Only Facebook Game I’ll Support

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I am not the biggest fan of Facebook, but I understand that it is THE way people communicate with each other these days. Forget phone calls, or text messages…it’s all about ‘liking’ people and ‘status updates’. While I don’t mind that aspect of the social network, I do NOT relish the idea of game companies making games specifically for it.

If time has proven one thing, it’s that making games for people to play for free on Facebook can make you rich…fuck you rich as someone once pointed out to me. Just look at the success of Zynga and their hit FarmVille, good Facebook games can print you money. It’s with that hope that I’m sure the guys at Zattikka have been working on the first Monty Python game to come out in what seems to be ages.

Titled “The Ministry of Silly Games” has started a closed beta that you can register for RIGHT NOW and will be coming out sometime next year.

The game is best described as a free-to-play semi-multiplayer RPG minigame collection that has you creating an avatar from the games collection of bodies/clothes (I’m certain more will come at a cost to the player, damned micro-transactions) and from there it’s essentially an MMO-lite style of game where it’s fetch quest combined with mini-games.

I tried this once already with Hello Kitty Online, but maybe this time around since it’s Monty Python based and using a whole shitload of Terry Gilliam’s personal folder of artwork including God (from Holy Grail) as a regular character, I can enjoy it a bit more and possibly get a laugh or two out of it. Hell, the fact that it includes Mr. Creosote as a mini-game…I’m there.

Anyways, if you want to read more about this game and what you can expect, read the full interview at RBS.

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