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The Not So Super Commercials

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I’ll be honest to you guys, I may have consumed too many alcoholic beverages before the game.  I meant to take as many notes as possible, but hey, I was drinking, eating snacks and BSing around.  As I try to decipher my reactions to the notes I kept on the commercials I can find two things.

1) I have horrible handwriting after I’ve been drinking
2) I think I stopped after the second quarter because there is a long line down the page from where I last wrote.

With that, here are the initial impressions of the commercials I can decipher from my notes.

McDonals Commercial featuring  Lebron James and some other guy.

– Oh look, it’s the Michael Jordan and Larry Bird throwing the balls around the universe and making baskets commercial. Minus the white guy, + another black guy.
– Never mind, Larry Bird is at the end, he ate their McDonalds! Silly basketball players, eat your fries while they are hot next time.
– “Who was that guy?” My Reply. “Larry Bird.”

Coke Cola – Featuring the Simpsons

– Simpsons! Yay!
– Nothing funny is happening.
– Mr. Burns is a sad panda.
– Apu gave Mr. Burns a coke!
– Worst. Commercial. Ever.

Robin Hood Movie trailer

– Robin Hood, with Russel Crow? Australian is the new British.
– Looks like Gladiator 2
– Yup Gladiator 2.

Bud Light – One of the millions of their commercials

– Yay beer.
– Why do they sound funny?
– Kyle (My brother in Law)  says they are using an equalizer to sound funny.
– People need more Equalizers in real life.
– A rapper is in it and I don’t know who it is.
– Rapper is T-Pain and I’m a moron for not knowing?
– I hate T-Pain now.

Bridgestone Tires

– Guys driving a whale in a truck? Is it Free Willy?
– Ha. Whale got stuff in guys mouth!
– Wait? Their going to drive the truck off a dock to save the whale?
– Aww guys didn’t die, saved whale though in a sliding stop.
– “Best Bachelor Party Ever?” That was the closing? Was the whale a stripper?

Budweiser – One of the Millions

– Oh noes! The bridge is out and they have no beer!
– There are a few thousand people in this town willing to run into the street at will?
– I bet they make a human bridge.
– They made a HUGE human bridge.
– Wouldn’t the beer truck kill them?
– I want the bridge to fall down.
– Yay, let’s all drink beer in celebration of our new wounds!
– Nobody is going to want to go back and make a bridge so the truck can leave.

Focus on the Family – The Tebows

– His mom isn’t that hot.
– Tim Tackled her, probably trying to make her abort the commercial.
– I need to work on my puns.
– I booed the commercial and got looks from the Conservatives at the party.
– I want to abort them.

Well, that is the best I can do folks, the last two I wrote down looked like my 2 year old scribbled on the page.  Though, I bet he did.

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