James Helsby

The New Transformers 3 Trailer Just Gave Me a ‘Shockwave’ Shiver.

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Oh yeah oh yeah. Shockwave finally makes his appearance!

Michael Bay has just released the full fledged Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon trailer, and for once in the last 5 years I am stoked. It looks like the secret of the Transformers presence on earth will be ended, as full fledged war between the Autobots and the Decepticons erupts.

And making his triumphant debut, is Shockwave. And for that, I applaud Michael Bay. Shockwave was always one of the most interesting characters to me. If your only exposure to him is via the cartoon, then prepare for a treat. Shockwave was actually a ruthless military leader, who even Megatron was intimated by.

So get ready for all out war, July 1st. And I think you know where I will be 3 times that day.

Head over to Apple to view the trailer HERE

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