James Helsby

The new season of Doctor Who gets a trailer

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Wanna see it? Follow me through the rabbit hole.

I think I am on record as saying that I don’t like the new Doctor. And while that is perfectly true, there is one character that I don’t like even more. Amy Pond.

Seriously, she has one facial expression. This od sort of mix between bewildered and stand-off-ish. Wide eyed, but unmoving. If it is intentional, it needs to stop. If it is accidental, it needs to stop. It’s annoying.

Anyway, here is the new trailer. It looks like we are gonna get aliens, freaky toys, banshee’s, phantom pirate ships, and weird boar things. Oh, and astronauts. In Utah. And ‘answers’ although by now we know that each answer masks two new questions.

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