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The New 52: Batman #2 – A Late to the Party Review

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Will beginner’s luck strike twice in Batman #2?

Batman #2: Scott Snyder (script), Greg Capullo (pencils), and Jonathan Glapion (inks)

Disclaimer: The reviewer’s experience with Batman solely comes from movies and video games. He is a self-proclaimed “comics moron”.

Batman #1 of the recent “The New 52” reboot of DC Comics served as a great teething ring to a world of media that I had neglected for most of my life. Prior to then, my experience with comics had been little more than Mad Magazine, the unfunny 3-panels in the local newspaper, and the occasional reprint of an old Tales from the Crypt issue.

Now, with issue #2 under my belt, I can safely say my new-found desire to read comic books was well worth it. Scott Snyder masterfully carves together a brand new group of villains, rather than rely on the tried-and-true classics, breathing new life into a seemingly stale cast of enemies for Batman to punch in the face. The Court of Owls, a group of assassins long thought to be a fabrication from a nursery rhyme, have taken a serial killer approach to killing influential figureheads in Gotham, and Bruce Wayne is next on their hit list.

If I had one complaint with Batman #2, it’s that they handled issue 1’s cliffhanger reveal (Dick Greyson’s DNA was found under the victim’s fingernail) which was unceremoniously shrugged off, saying that the victim had grabbed him previously, warning him of the assassination attempt. Sure, Bruce Wayne has all the technology in the world to prove his former Boy Wonder’s innocence, but the additional tension of an ally potentially being a murderer was swept under the rug far too quickly.

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