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The N-Word Gets Slashed From Huckleberry Finn

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This might be a few days late to the party but I just have to comment on how fast Sam Clemens aka Mark Twain was spinning in his grave thanks to the rape that has befallen his much beloved classic, Huckleberry Finn. Don’t get me wrong, I hate all usage of the N-Word, especially written, but when you try to edit another author’s work post-mortem, I get pissed.

It’s true, in the recent edition of Huckleberry Finn that was published by NewSouth Books, the character known as ‘N*gger’ Jim is now known as ‘Slave’ Jim (even though he’s a free man)…completely omitting the entire history of the book and the rights of an author to have his work survive long after his death. This is just the first bit of us headed down a slippery slope where no work of literature is allowed to offend anyone ever again.

The scholar who was responsible for the expurgation is Alan Gribben, who is a noted Mark Twain fanatic who does have altruistic intentions for the changes, but a bit misguided in my opinion. Yes, the book is banned in schools due to the ‘bad language’, but the answer to that isn’t further censorship…instead change the weight of that word or people’s views on said words.

I abhor the N-Word, hell…I even hate calling it that, but even a simpleton like me who lives in Utah understands how important it is for an author’s work to remain untouched. It might be offensive, but dammit, it’s also a classic and a fucking great book to read regardless of it’s old world view on race.

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