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The Mythbusters Damn Near Killed Some People [UPDATED]

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Pandering? You're Goddamned right!

In a recent show segment that was filmed at the ubiquitous Alameda County bomb range that they frequent on just about every damn episode, something went wrong…terribly wrong.

The section of the show was supposed to be testing something involving a cannon and cannonballs when the projectile missed its mark and was failed to be stopped by a section of water barrels and a cinder block wall.

The cannon lifted JUST before firing, sending the payload toward a hillside that caused it to carom (California dirt is notoriously dry) and travel over 700 yards to the east, into a residential neighborhood. Upon arrival in the ‘hood, it went through a home-owner’s front door, UP their stairs, through a inhabited bedroom, out that room’s wall, OVER a six-lane street and finally finding a resting place in a van’s passenger window.

Nobody was injured but the potential for death was pretty damn high since the 30lb projectile was carrying so much momentum.

I love this show, and I can’t wait to see them try to tie this one up in a pretty package.

Editors Note: Now with News Coverage Video


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