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The Most Awesome Trailer I’ve Seen This Year

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Wondering who the shady figure is in the background above the ninja lady? Click More to find out who.

Considering I’ve been the trailer whore here at MWN for all the movies that we’re going to be assailed with this year, when I say best trailer, I fucking mean it.

The people at Sushi Typhoon have decided to localize the amazing Japanese movie when it’s released this year. Don’t plan on it showing up in theatres, this one is almost guaranteed to be a straight to DVD purchase/rental. The synopsis is as follows:

Once upon a time in Japan, there was a band of great Ninja warriors led by Yamata called Iga Ninja. One day they witness a flash in the sky and a roaring giant ball of fire crashes into the distant forest. The warriors rush into the deep woods in an attempt to identify the mysterious fireball. There, instead of finding predictable enemies, they are stunned to face never-seen-before creatures with claws and fangs, the aliens! The hungry brutal aliens start to savage and feast on the Ninja warriors, leaving only a few to survive. Yamata and his warriors swear to avenge their comrades’ deaths and risk their lives to challenge the aliens. However, none of the Ninja weapons, neither their swords nor their throwing stars, has any affect on the alien warriors. Now the Japanese greatest Iga Ninja face the biggest challenge ever!

I think we now have an explanation of why Japan is so fucking weird sometimes, they were invaded by Aliens during the Sengoku period. It all makes sense now!

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