The Magic Flute on DVD – Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion

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Director: Kenneth Branagh
Stars: Joseph Kaiser, Amy Carson, René Pape

I was given a DVD for review completely out of my realm of intrest. I took this on as a personal challenge to test myself and I’m mostly glad I decided to give The Magic Flute a chance.

While I still am not a huge fan of Opera (even if it was written by Mozart) I could appreciate, and even enjoy a lot of the imagery in this movie. Most of that is due in part to director Sir Kenneth Branagh. You may know him best as playing  Professor Gilderoy Lockhart in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. No? Not a Potter fan? How about Victor Frankenstein in the  1994 version with Robert De Niro? He also directed it. Still nothing? How about this fan boy! Dude directed Thor! The point to all of this, is that dude is pretty talented.

If you like musicals you’ll highly enjoy The Magic Flute. Mozart wrote The Magic Flute and it premiered in Germany in 1791 just a short time after he died.


The disembodied lips from The Rocky Horror Picture Show finally got more work.

The story has a lot of masonic symbolism as he was a member of The Free Masons. The story is much in the vein of Romeo and Juliet. In this version, the story takes place during a war. Tamino, a hopeless romantic, goes in search of a girl he saw in a picture named Pamina and her mother, The Queen of the Night, asks him to go save her from the sorcerer who kidnapped her. Of course things aren’t as easy as you’d think as Tamino has to go through many trials and tribulations as he attempts to save her.


Flying nuns with cleavage. Can’t complain about that!

Although I couldn’t find pictures of my favorite scenes from The Magic Flute, they include Pamina strapped to the center of a windmill as the sails are set on fire and burn ever closer to her as the whole thing spins. Tamino’s friend Papageno singing as he stands in the loft of an abandoned barn with a noose around his neck as he plans to kill himself. Also a scene where the Queen of the Night sings as World War 1 era tanks travel out her mouth.

Overall, this movie was a little hard for me to watch as I’m not a fan of musicals. The fact that it had some amazing direction and breathtaking imagery is what kept me going to the end. If you even slightly enjoy musicals you’ll love this movie. If you like to listen to Mozart you’ll love this movie. Most of all, if you want to feel more cultured so you can rub it in your uncultured friends faces you’ll love this movie.


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