Ryan Thomason

The Lion King in 3D, A Waste of an Extra D

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If your theater is also showing the 2D of the Lion King release, you might be better off seeing that and saving yourself a couple of bucks.

For a movie that came out some 17 years ago (Good CROM I’m old), it’s a testament to how beautifully it was done with its hand-drawn animation that it still captures your attention in the movie theater. Where the movie is wasted is in the 3D aspect. It was entirely unnecessary, and you could have just as easily sold my four year old on the movie forever if they had just done some digital touch ups and sent it out to the theaters without really having to put much effort into it.

No surprise, the limited release of “The Lion King 3D” pulled in $29.3 million on opening weekend. Was it cool to be able to see it on the big screen after owning the movie only on VHS my whole life? Yes! Did my son love it and immediately ask if we could buy it to watch at home? Yes! (Thankfully Disney is releasing it from the vault next month, bastards) Did the charm still hold up that made the original such a hit? Hell Yes!

As much as the 3D didn’t add anything to the movie, it didn’t TAKE away from the movie either, you still get the great story of a lion cub being tricked to give up his throne after his father dies, a warthog and a marmot (what is Timone again?) eating bugs, and singing Hakuna Matata. I loved watching the movie for the first time in forever, and even more so my wife and I got to show our son something we loved as kids. That’s whats important about this, it’s sharing something with your kids and experiencing it all over again for the first time through their eyes.

That’s why this movie is going to make a giant pile of money for Disney, and why you should see it while you can in the theaters. Bring your kid, your nephews, or little cousins, just…don’t steal a kid ok? That’s kind of bad, even if they like the movie.

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