The Life of a Geek Widow

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My husband and I have been married for almost six years and he is the most wonderful partner and father. But over the years I realized there was something I did not know about him…he is a Geek.  I, myself have never dabbled in the geek arts.  I do not play video games.  I do not read comic books.  The only computer game I have ever played and enjoyed was Oregon Trail and that was when I was in elementary school.  So I was not prepared for what being a geek entails.  I did not realize the amount of time and money that goes into being a faithful geek.  There are the newest video games (along with the newest gaming systems), computer games (and all the gadgets and upgrades your computer needs to play them), books, action figures, apparel, etc.  The list goes on and on.  My husband could spend an entire day just walking around Best Buy pointing out all the things he just has to have.  In fact we have done just that on several occasions.

Through the years I have started calling myself a “geek widow” because when this amazing man is engaged in something “geeky” his eyes glaze over and the world ceases to exist.  If he catches a glimpse of Star Trek he’s down for the count until a commercial.  When he gets a new Wired magazine I won’t see him for a good hour.  This phenomenon was even worse before we had children.  I do have to say that I love that he has his own interests.  It is most definitely important for a married couple to have their own activities they pursue without their partner.  This makes for happy individuals which make a happy couple.  And I do realize how lucky I am that the avenue in which he chooses to spend his free time is paved with Marvel characters and SciFi shows as opposed to all the other interests he could have!  As the years have passed I have learned to embrace the Geek in my husband.  I may never understand it but I can appreciate his love and passion for something that brings him so much joy.  I hope other “geek widows” out there can do the same. To help those of you who are wondering if your husband is indeed a Geek I have compiled a list to help you make that determination. Enjoy!

You know your significant other is a Geek if:

  • He tries to tell you that Comic Con is the perfect family vacation.
  • He considers his “good” shirts to be ones with Superheros on them.
  • He has uttered phrases like “Where is my Chewbaca figure” to your three year old.
  • He actually giggles when previews for the latest Iron Man movie came on t.v.
  • He can debate the pros and cons of every Star Trek series.
  • He actually knows there was more than one Star Trek series!
  • He has a Robot Space Trooper on his desk (which is staring at me as I write this very line)
  • He has taught your three year old about Iron Man, Super Man, Wolverine, etc.
  • He is so very proud when your three year old announces to company that he is in fact Super Man and then proceeds to try to fly around the room super punching everyone.
  • He has been excited for Halloween because your family will all be Star Wars characters featuring your 6 month old daughter as Yoda.

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