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The Last Time You Cried Was?

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C'mon, you have to be a pretty heartless bastard to not feel ANYTHING at the love these two fictional characters shared with their audience.

All of us guys are guilty of getting misty eyed when watching movies, reading books, playing games, etc…and it got me thinking of the last time I was moved to tears when being a good little media consumer.

For certain it had to be when I picked up the latest in the Pixar catalogue, Up. The scene where Carl and Ellie experience their entire lives in such a short and beautiful moment. When Ellie died, I lost it.

The thoughts of our own mortality and how brief life can be put things into perspective for me. Sure, I didn’t adopt one of those ridiculous “carpe diem” attitudes after watching Up, but it did get the wheels turning in my brain to make sure I didn’t die without fulfilling at least a few things I’ve always wanted to do.

lensflare, THE MOVIE! All kidding aside, his noble act of sacrifice was something I'll never forget

Another scene that I can recall fondly was when I was watching Star Trek (the JJA remake) in the theatres, and the scene where James T. Kirk’s dad dies defending the shuttles escaping the Romulan baddies, all the while talking to his wife who just gave birth to his son.

This movie hit the big screen about 2 months after me and my wife had our first child and you can call me sentimental, but the thought of not ever seeing my wife and child ever again kills me.

The writers know exactly what they’re doing and whose emotions they are toying with, it should all be transparent and be seen as strictly entertainment and fiction, but damnit…it works too well sometimes.

What about the rest of you, when was the last time you were moved to tears by a piece of media?

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