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The Last Story – First Trailer

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Dust off your Wiis gentlemen, because the powerhouse of Sakaguchi and Uematsu are about to make you salivate for yet another one of their sure to be classics, The Last Story. All kidding aside, the graphics look pretty damned remarkable for a Wii game, and since it has the Mistwalker brand name on it…I’m sure to pick it up.

I haven’t bought a new game for my Wii ever since they released Punch Out!!! a year or so ago. I know there are gems, but I just haven’t had the proper motivation to get them until now. The red-headed stepchild of my entertainment center is about to become daddy’s favorite when the game finally comes out in the US.

If you didn’t know, Mistwalker is the company headed by Hironobu Sakaguchi and Nobuo Uematsu…the two guys who when their names are added together equal classic Final Fantasy quality…here’s that formula for you if you can’t picture it in your mind.

Sakaguchi + Uematsu = Final Fantasy I through X

Yeah, day one purchase for me. Now to find out when the hell we’ll get ours…oh and you’re welcome for the new wallpaper sized image.

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