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Have You Tried Turning It Off and On Again? The IT Crowd is back.

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A new episode of  The IT Crowd?  How could anyone not be excited by this news?  Let me start over.  You would have to be emotionally artistic to not fill your trousers with the sheer excitement.

Read our episode review.

Our favorite IT boys from The Mainland (I love you Graham), are back for 48 glorious minutes, which I have not yet watched.  I will watch it, but honestly, I am a little scared.  What if it isn’t as brilliant as the previous four seasons, or worse, what if it is more brilliant and we can’t have more?  I love this show, I’ve loved all of Graham Linehan’s shows, I will relish this.  After I relish this I will binge watch this series again.  I now know who to blame for my complete lack of productivity .

If you might not be sure if you want to watch this episode/season, or the entire series, check out the clips after the press release, they should change your mind.

Behold the following press release:

Before the theory banged big, before Sheldon and Leonard met Penny … there was a group of misbegotten IT workers stuck in the basement of a London skyscraper.

The day Moss and Roy met Jen was the day comedy history was made, and THE IT CROWD has certainly become a favorite of British comedy.  Created, written and directed by Graham Linehan – whose equally subversive comedies Father Ted and Count Arthur Strong are also available on Hulu and Hulu Plus – THE IT CROWD has won BAFTA and International Emmy awards, not to mention worldwide acclaim for its blend of pop-cultural awareness and bizarrely unpredictable sense of humor.I.T CROWD-HAL SHINNIE-048-1000

Beginning today (April 22), the very last episode of this lovably geeked out series makes its U.S. debut exclusively on Hulu and Hulu Plus at

“The Internet Is Coming” is the first, last and only episode in the fifth season of THE IT CROWD, reuniting actors Chris O’Dowd (Bridesmaids), Richard Ayoade (The Watch) and Katherine Parkinson (Sherlock) for one final visit to Reynholm Industries.

In typical IT CROWD fashion, what begins as a seemingly ordinary day in the lowest bowels of a massive office building winds up being anything but.  By the end of the 46-minute episode, Roy and Jen find themselves on the run what could well be the entire world, while Moss discovers an unexpected source of long-sought self-confidence.

At breakneck speed, the episode manages to reference Game of ThronesV for VendettaSuperman, Daniel Clowes’ “Pussey!” and a host of other pop-culture icons, while still delivering tear-inducing laughter even to those who are new to the series.  Longtime fans will also delight in the return of Noel Fielding’s Richmond.

I.T CROWD-HAL SHINNIE-041-1000In addition to the final episode of THE IT CROWD, “The Internet is Coming,” all 24 episodes from the first four seasons of THE IT CROWD are available on Hulu Plus – meaning fans can rest assured that if they prefer, they never need to leave the confines of Reynholm Industries again.  Ever.  Never.

“The Internet Is Coming” is directed by Graham Linehan and Richard Boden and produced by Richard Boden.  The production company is Retort in association with Delightful Industries.



The New “Game Board”:

“Emotionally Artistic”:

“Oh! Funerals are sad!”:

Weekly Surveillance Report:


Goodnight sweet Moss

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