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The Insanity Begins

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By now, all of you are sick and tired of all the news and price points for Infinity Ward’s CoD:MW2. Yes we all know it’s going to have some ‘night-vision goggles’ packed in with its Prestige Edition. Yes we know that the game is going to cost considerably more in the UK than what us yanks will be paying.

We know all this already and a good majority of the gaming community seems to be either going batshit crazy for it, or just going meh. That’s the thing, we can hear news like this, make an opinion and move on. Not the rest of America…oh no, the rest of this nation is worse, they jump to all sorts of irrational conclusions.

Just this week, The Philadelphia Inquirer has decided to jump on the ‘finger wagging express’ in hopes of sparking a firestorm of controversy. From the story (thanks to GamePolitics):

I hate trippin’ over games with a violent angle because I know there are many people out there who believe that these video games are the product of Satan or some such nonsense, but [night vision goggles are] a bad idea.

I would say 99.9999 percent of gamers who buy the Prestige edition will have a blast with these new goggles, innocently playing around at night with them.

Yet, it is also like giving away a free race car with Gran Turismo or Forza – someone is going to cause a highway wreck. In Modern Warfare 2’s case, I shudder (just a bit) to think of someone, who may have a hard time with reality anyway, donning these goggles for real mischief or even worse.

Infinity Ward should know better. They are great at fake realism. One of the best. This maybe be crossing that line, however.

Wow, way to get up on the wrong side of the bed. Let’s just take that all in for a second. Is the author seriously saying that the 0.0001% of the people getting this are going to be troublemakers? What, will they be sneaking around neighborhoods causing mischief? Where was this guy’s outrage when they made the almost identical thing as an actual toy?

pull mah finger

First off, if the parents are doing their job, no kids should have a copy of this game without proving that they are competent enough to handle its subject matter first hand (I know, I’m dreaming, there’ll be 15 kids in my neighborhood with these things on). Second, it’s not Infinity Ward’s fault if these things are used inappropriately, it’s the user’s. Third, if a certain ex-senator from New York or a particularly whiny ex-lawyer from Florida picks up on news like this, it’s going to be all doom and gloom for the next 3.5 months until it’s released.

Next thing you know, they’ll be banned, will have to paint the damn things a bright color so kids don’t get shot by cops, or will have a product warning label attached to them. If anyone out there thinks that these are going to be such a threat, they really need to understand one thing, these are monoscopic, low powered, IR LED assisted night vision goggles, not the current military graded ones that allow for so much more than these ever will. What the hell else would you expect out of NVGs that cost at the most $20 to make?

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