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The Hypernaturals #1 – Comic Review

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BOOM! Studios brings us a brand new justice league of superheroes. The question is: are they any good?

The short answer: Yes, but with some reservations.

As a comic book rookie myself, I relish any opportunity where my familiarity to a group is the same as the seasoned reader. The Hypernaturals are a long-lasting “intergalactic club of superheroes”, where new members have to prove themselves to be inducted into the group. They’re the Mensa club of the superhero world, the best of the best. Problem is, the current team roster has just gone missing in action after an investigation, and old members (as well as a pair of “not quite Hypernatural material” rookies, Shaol and Halfshell) are forced out of retirement to check out the disappearance of over 18 million people on planet 28 Kosov. What lies in wait for them looks suspiciously like the work of a super-villain long thought incapacitated.

The artwork is the handiwork of three different artists, each with a varying style, which might make reading from page to page a headache-inducing experience. However, this switch of artwork works well to convey a passage of time between teams, using a more antiquated art style for the flashback sequences. Writing is really where the story shines, and Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning are artisans of their craft. The first thing one might notice is that this debut issue is extremely wordy, as the duo try to squeeze in two team iterations, flawed characters, and an expansive futuristic universe complete with Battlestar Galactica-esque profanity into 34 pages. For the most part, they succeed, but you might need a pad and paper to jot down notes along the way.

All in all, The Hypernaturals shows a lot of promise in a post-Irredeemable era of BOOM! Studios, and would be a worthy addition to any collection. Act now to secure your copy, as the first run sold out a day before its release. Let’s just hope they slow down a bit in issue 2.

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