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The Hulk Will Be CG Motion Capture in The Avengers

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It might blow your mind to know that Bruce Banner found Jesus...underneath the hulk's foot.

Mark Ruffalo has shared an interesting tidbit of news this week about his portrayal of Bruce Banner / The Hulk in the upcoming Joss Whedon Avengers movie.

“It’s cool, it’s gonna be great. The script is a nice combination of funny and was very in Joss Whedon’s wheelhouse. And I got to see the maquette of the Hulk yesterday in full scope and it’s awesome. Just like me. We’re going out of our way to… first of all, I’m the first actor to actually do it in motion capture as the Hulk. And so, all the features are mine, they’re just really big.”

That’s certainly better than the Bruce Bana version and probably only marginally better than the best portrayal so far by Ed Norton…if they can make the character convincing and not overtly CG. Guess only time will tell considering we’re still quite a ways off from seeing the final product in the theaters.


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