The Hobbit shooting in 48FPS 3D

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WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF TOMORROW! 48 Frames Per Second is what Peter Jackson has decided to use for filming the long awaited Hobbit films.

You see, nearly all films have been shot in 24 frames per second since the 1920s and there’s nothing wrong with that, but it can make certain scenes more blurry than they would be in reality. Since 48 is double the number of frames, it means moving image is a lot smoother and won’t be as eye destroying in 3D as 24fps films are.

The only barrier that is stopping 48fps and even 60fps in cinemas is that not all of them have projectors yet capable of displaying in anything above 24fps but Jackson hopes by the time the first Hobbit film comes out next Christmas that the cinemas will be ready.

This is something blue alien tree hugger lover and egotistical maniac James Cameron was talking about a few weeks ago and it seems that, like or not, film will eventually progress towards the new formats. Hell, 24fps may even become a stylistic choice when making films.

Still, Jackson is right to point out that film purists will criticise it, at least initially. It’s no fault of our own, because we’ve been watching films in 24fps for 9 decades. Of course it’s going to look weird when an image suddenly appears to look a lot faster. Also, we know what 60fps looks like, because a lot of television programmes use it and for me at least, there’s a worry that films would lose their cinematic quality if they went down that route. However, 48fps might just be the sweet spot, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Finally, there’s a picture of Peter Jackson standing next to his new set. He knows we can see what looks like the film on there. The tease.

Source: Peter Jackson

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