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The Hobbit Begins Filming Soon

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What a way to celebrate your Valentine’s Day! The cast and crew from Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit have finally set a day to begin principal photography for the two part movie that should be coming to theaters next year.

Even better than the reported Feb 14th day to begin, is the fact that both Ian McKellen and Andy Serkis have both officially signed on to the project. McKellen will be reprising his role as the wizard Gandalf, and Serkis will be taking the Gollum mantle once again. I’m pretty interested to see how they could make him look even more realistic with today’s technology.

I have to calm down though. It’s still quite a ways off from making its way to us consumers so I must take precautions to not get too overly excited for the project. But seriously, the Lord of the Rings movies were pretty fucking awesome and I’m sure these will be no different.

Thanks to Brody for the tip!

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