The Heat – Is It Worth Your Money? Shockingly YES!

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Directed by Paul Feig. With Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy, Demián Bichir, Michael McDonald.

Directed by Paul Feig Written by: Katie Dippold


The Heat

Starring: Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy, Dan Bakkedahl, Michael Rapaport, Marlon Wayans, Spoken Reasons, Bill Burr, Michael McDonald, Jane Curtin

The Heat follows Sandra Bullock, an uptight, unlikable FBI agent, and Melissa McCarthy, a foulmouthed Boston detective, who team up to take down a vicious drug dealer. In typical odd-couple-comedy fashion, the two butt heads on nearly everything in a completely hilarious way.

I went to see The Heat with the lowest expectations imaginable. I even considered leaving the theater multiple times before the movie even started. It was painful sitting there thinking I was about to watch a movie that, well, looked like the trailer I posted below. I’ll be honest, my only real complaint about this movie (now that I’ve watched it) is how bad the trailer made it  look. From beginning to end I don’t think there was a single minute in this movie I didn’t crack up laughing. Of course Melissa McCarthy took the spotlight as the hilarious one in this movie, but Sandra Bullock was quite funny as well. Actually, the whole cast was filled with hilarious characters barring only one: Marlon Wayans’ character Agent Levy. It’s not that Wayans is any worse in this movie than he normally is, it’s just that his character is not necessary to the story at all.

Melissa McCarthy as a comedian has been hit and miss with me. I watched a few episodes of Mike and Molly, which I found enjoyable. Bridesmaids was so-so for me; it had it’s moments (most of which belonged to McCarthy). I wasn’t too impressed with her in either The Hangover 3, or Identity Theft. Nether of which were good movies regardless of her roles. I must say, she really hit her stride in The Heat. There are moments where she was trying too hard and it doesn’t work, but before you have time to really care about it, she immediately redeems herself with a gut busting insult. Director Paul Feig has worked with McCarthy before in the smash comedy Bridesmaids and before that he directed episodes of The Office, Nurse Jackie, and the acclaimed Arrested Development. The Heat is not quite like any of his previous work.

Sandra Bullock has not been known for comedic prowess. In fact the three comedies that have gotten her the most attention (Miss Congeniality, Miss Congeniality 2, and The Proposal) have all been utterly forgettable for me. She’s not bad in this movie at all. I’d say better than mediocre, but not great. It’s a good thing that she has other talents.

Writer Katie Dippold is who I think is really responsible for the greatness of this movie. You might be familiar with her work if you watch Parks and Recreation, or the later seasons of Mad TV. I’m uncertain as to how much of the dialogue in The Heat was ad-libbed, but it’s clear from watching it that Katie may be the funniest female in Hollywood right now. There is no question as to why Fox has already announced a sequel in the works. Let’s hope they’re smart enough to bring Katie back to pen the script.

Honestly, this is the funniest movie I’ve seen so far this year. I’m probably going to pay to see it again, and even buy the DVD. So let go of any doubts you have about this flick go see it. It’s fun, you’ll laugh, and most importantly, be entertained.

 Overall Rating 8 Out Of 10 – YES IT’S WORTH YOUR MONEY!

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