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The Heart, She Holler – Sizzle Reel

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I love Adult Swim’s ability to fund just about any crazy show that asks for a budget. At least this show from the creators of Wonder Showzen features everyone’s favorite geek man-boy, Patton Oswalt.

This show is by far the strangest thing that I’ve seen get greenlit from Adult Swim (that’s saying a ton because I actually enjoyed Saul of the Mole Men). It is basically the story of a rich man who dies and leaves ownership of a town to one of his three children. In this case it’s Patton Oswalt’s character who essentially spends his entire life in a cave.

The show also stars Kristen Schaal from HBO’s Flight of the Conchords and many other shows like Bob’s Burgers where she lends her significant voice acting talents to. The miniseries begins on November 6th at 12:30 AM and will run for six nights…with months of reruns to follow if Adult Swim has taught us anything.

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