Ryan Thomason

The Final Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 Trailer

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If you haven’t read the books, you probably shouldn’t watch this. Because it’s SPOILERY Those who DO know the books, prepare to SQUEEL, it’s the last trailer we’ll be getting before the movie comes out on July 15th. I’m pretty sure that most of us here at WPR are really excited to see this movie. From all the buzz, it will basically be one big battle after the other through the whole thing.

I can’t wait. Just watch this trailer, it does a great job of getting us fans pumped up for the last movie.

I’ll be a little sad to see the franchise close though, it’s been an incredible ride the last, what 10 years if you’re only counting the movies? Before all this crazy started J.K. Rowling was a broke single mom, now, she’s disgustingly rich. I give her all the props inthe world for building such a hugely successful franchise.

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