Ryan Thomason

The Father/Son Game Reviews: Pillow Pets (DS)

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Yes, I have a 4 year old. Yes, I sat with him and watched/played this for close to 3 hours in total.

When I had a chance to get a review copy of this game for the DS I jumped on it, mainly because I knew my son had the Triceratops Pillow Pet. I don’t think he ever really drew that connection though. Since I’m an adult, this game was no way intended for me, so what I really have to say about it doesn’t matter. You KNOW what I would say about a video game for a stuffed animal franchise.

My Son loved it.

Even though he plowed through most of the levels on his own, some in a matter of minutes, I only had to help him on some parts that he got stuck on. There are jewels, acorns, rings to jump through, big stars to collect and X’s to dig up for treasures. He didn’t care about any of that stuff; he wanted to find the Pillow Pet on the level, and beeline it to the end Key that opened the door to the next level. The only time he collected any of those was when I was helping him find the Pillow Pet or get him to where he needed to be. He didn’t care about the graphics when asked, nor the sounds. He just wanted to find the next Pillow Pet and have me read what they were saying at the end of the levels. Sometimes he’d go into the play box and put some accessories on the Pillow Pet he was using (Once he got Dinosaur, all the other ones were dead to him pretty much), but it was really only when I reminded him about the feature.

After he beat the game the first time, he tried doing levels over again, but ultimately asked me to restart the game (there is only one save file) so he could collect the Pillow Pets all over again. I would have liked to have been able to save at least one separate game in case is little sister was old enough to play too.

As a parent this game served its purpose, it kept him still and quiet for enough time to get something accomplished. Isn’t that all that matters and worth the price in the end?

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