Alan Smithee

The Fallout Movie That Never Was

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The Vault, a fansite that is THE source for all things Fallout related recently got their hands on a script treatment that was written pre-Fallout 2 in which the hero of the story is sent out into the wasteland to find a water purification chip for the Vault in which he resides…sound familiar?!?

Pretty much the entire story of the Vault Dweller from Vault 13 remains intact, more or less. The script treatment has to fit in a few more things for the Hollywood crowd to give funding, such as companions straight out of the vault, a Mad Max-esque character named “Max”, and a love interest to make the story more dramatic.

All in all, after reading the whole thing (yes, I have ample time to do so) I was actually pretty impressed considering how close to the source material they were skating. Though I have to say, that this does play out like a script from 1998, but a good one. Certainly one that is worth a read if you’re a fan of the series.

Head on over to the Vault to read it yourself. Let us know what you think!

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