The Expendables sequel is not being directed or written by Stallone

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This is probably a good thing right?The Expendables got a mixed response when it was released last summer. Despite containing nearly every action star that exists in the known universe, it got criticised for an emphasis on a dull story rather than the joy that comes from men with huge guns and muscles blow shit up. While Sylvester Stallone wrote and directed the first film, he will not be involved in either role for the sequel. 24 Frames believe that he’s been meeting with several directors for the sequel and that the script is being written by David Agosto (Big Canyon) and Ken Kaufman (Curious George, Space Cowboys).

Perhaps Stallone not being involved in every aspect of the film will be a good thing. It might mean they can focus more on the strengths of the first film rather than its weaknesses. On the other hand, Stallone’s Rambo sequel proves that he has it in him to direct, write and star in a dumb but very entertaining action film, so perhaps giving the script writing duties to two relative unknowns isn’t such a good move.

As for the film itself, it’d be cool to see Arnie have a bigger role this time, given his apparent return to acting. Stallone has also expressed interest in Bruce Willis having a larger role this time as well. Personally, I’d like to see Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson on board. Get Steve Austin back and we can have our first Rock vs Austin match since in 8 years. Maybe.

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