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The Evil Dead Remake – Confirmed

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Take from this what you will, but we now know for certain that Raimi, Campbell, and Tapert along with Ghost House Pictures are going to be making a REMAKE of The Evil Dead, and it’s for real this time around.

A few years ago, this was rumored and also seemed like it was going to happen, until Raimi heard the blowback from the fans and decided to scrap the idea. Unfortunately, we all knew that it was just a matter of time before the remake hungry Hollywood came knocking at the door of the only horror franchise to still have my respect after all of these years, The Evil Dead.

If you don’t recall the premise behind the movie, it involved a handful of youths visiting a cabin in the woods where they discover a ‘book of the dead’ or a Necronomicon Ex Mortis if you will that was being translated by an archaeologist when they twenty-somethings end up accidentally releasing demons in the nearby woods by playing the recording of the translation. The demons inhabit each one of the characters until only one is left standing at the end. Oh and a great scene with a pipe.

The movie will be directed and written by Fede Alvarez (who made the short film Panic Attack that wowed Raimi and Tapert). Helping with the writing is Rodo Sayagues and helping punch it up and revising the drafts will be none other than Diablo Cody.

Ghost House is currently looking to get this film done as soon as possible, and in my opinion could be extremely successful if they go the low budget route and film it for a fraction of what normal horror movies cost these days. Just look at the success of movies like Paranormal Activity and The Blair Witch Project as perfect examples of low budget/high return movies.

My only standing question about this whole article is why a remake when they could just make a new film altogether is one that will probably never be answered. Oh it’s just as well, I’m going to firmly put this into the wait and see pile until it gets closer to release.


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