Ryan Wilson

The Evil Dead Coming to Blu-Ray!

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When I heard that Flash Gordon was coming to Blu-ray, I’ll admit I got a little giddy, but what I learned today made me squeal like a school girl.

The Evil Dead, the first movie in what is easily my favorite trilogy, is finally receiving a Blu-ray treatment on August 31st. This 2-disc Limited Edition includes a brand new commentary (featuring director Sam Raimi, producer Robert Tapert, and bechinned star Bruce Campbell), two HD transfers of the movie (both a 1.85:1 widescreen transfer and the originally filmed 1.33:1 full screen version), as well as a bevy of features previously found on earlier DVD releases. If you already own the great Book of the Dead version released a number of years back by Anchor Bay, you may want to skip this release. If the high definition release of its sequel is evidence enough, the new transfer will not only clean the print, but really bring out the technological limitations of the time and budget. If you don’t already own this version (or are a complete fanatic like me), then the Blu-ray release is likely for you.

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