Ryan Thomason

The Event: Why Can’t I Quit You?

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Help me please. I’m drowning. I watched Lost, every episode, from start to finish. I….I don’t know if I can do this again. Every week I tell myself, ‘Ok, it’s recorded on the DVR, you don’t have to watch it.’ Yet, I never hesitate to start the show. I know that in a nutshell, this will be Lost 2.0, lots of questions made, lots of cock teasing with half truths and answers. Alien conspiracies. I know that all of this can only lead to nonsense and disappointment, yet I watch every week.

Glowing blue light that makes a huge building implode on itself and leave a gigantic perfect sphere indent in the ground? Why? WHY MUST YOU DO THESE THINGS TO ME? I love these types of things, yet I know that this is an unpure love, a love that SHOULDN’T be meant to be. Yet every Monday night, or very early Tuesday morning (depends on when the baby wakes up) I find myself snuggling up to this love. Why must Sean Walker (Jason Ritter) be such a good character, I’m also digging Simon Lee (Ian Anthony Dale) why couldn’t this have been crap casting? Did I mention Thomas a pissed off alien that wants to free his people from captivity is played by Clifton Collins, Jr. someone who I think is a great actor? How come the Aliens who have only a 1% difference in genetics, meaning they are close enough to look like us but could be INSANELY different haven’t aged since they crashed here 66 years ago?

Damn you NBC, you heartless bastards, please be gentle with me, it may not be my first time, but just….be gentle.

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