Ryan Thomason

The End is Finally Coming!

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Hooray! Tween/Teenage/20 somethings/30 somethings/40 somethings/OK EVERY FEMALE category group can finally stop being depressed about how they don’t have an Edward or Jacob in the lives, instead of moving on from a fictional book series about a 100 year old vampire pedophile and a young manwolf who lost his shirt in the woods. Oh, and teenage girl angst. Seriously, this crap couldn’t be over soon enough, sadly the final book was broken up into TWO movies for my wife to gush about and prohibit me from viewing in the theater because she knows I will do two things.

1) Mock it openly in the theater, to annoy all the dopy fans
2) Write a movie review that lampoons her beloved series

I don’t know if anybody that reads our lovely website is a fan of this series, and I’m sure there are a few of you. Hell, our much hailed Geek of Manlyness, Xopher has read the whole series. Though, we try to think of it more as a “research” project he did, and not the glitter fest that changed him to his core.


Vampire teeth c-sections! Can’t wait!

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