The Darkness 2 delayed til February 2012

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Jackie Estacado’s demonic warpath will have to wait.

The sequel to the comic book based game about Jackie Estacado and his warpath of revenge after the mafia took his girlfriend’s life has been delayed from Fall 2011 to early 2012. The game will be showing up in North America on February 7th and opening everywhere else on February 10th. The new game has Jackie being assaulted by mysterious figures who wish to take the darkness for themselves. These attacks reawaken his powers after two years of keeping them under control.

Here’s the trailer for the game to sate your appetites until then. It shows a lot of the gameplay itself and shows off the newer stylings that look more Borderlands-esque and the “quad wielding” where you have a gun in each hand as well as his demonic darkness powers.

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