Alan Smithee

The Dark Knight Rises’ Cast Swells

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We’ve given you the first shot of Tom Hardy as Bane, we’ve hemmed and hawed about who would be playing what character in Christopher Nolan’s Batman series, and now we get to do even more of the latter thanks to the announcement of three new actors joining the cast.

Coming to the big screen whenever the cast and crew decide to actually get to work on the film will be Tom Conti, Joey King, and Matthew Modine…and the only thing we have to work with as far as who they might be is the name Nixon for Modine’s character. Joey King is a somewhat young actress at 11 years old so who knows if they’re going to try and branch into the Stephanie Brown storyline and have her as the Girl Wonder?

One things for certain, this will be a great movie as long as Nolan is the director.


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