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The Crow, probably won’t get remade

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At least for a while. You see, the Weinstein Company has filed an injuction against Relativity, to stop any further sale of the franchise rights to anyone other than the Weinstein’s.

Confusing? Let me see if I can clear it up. Back in 2009, Relativity picked up the rights to the Crow Franchise, with the intension of making a remake. Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, (28-weeks later) was brought on board to direct.

Fast forward to today, and the Weinstein Company files an injuction against Relativity, stating that in 2009 Relativity and Weinstein reached an agreement that the rights could only be applied to the Weinstein company. According to Variety,

Dispute centers on a contract between TWC and Relativity — signed “as of March 25, 2009” — that the suit claims gives TWC exclusive rights to sequels, prequels and remakes of 1994’s “The Crow,” which grossed close to $100 million worldwide.

While plans to remake the pic have been in motion for years, Fields said TWC grew worried over the past few days that Relativity might try to shop the pic around.

Stephen Norrington first came on to write and direct the movie, based on the comic by James O’Barr, in December 2008. Juan Carlos Fresnadillo recently boarded to direct the film, and Bradley Cooper has reportedly been in talks for the lead.

“(Relativity CEO Ryan) Kavanaugh decided that Relativity would not perform that contract and will purport to sell TWC’s distribution rights to others here and overseas in willful breach of contract,” the lawsuit states.

Basically, it boils down to a whole bunch of infighting on who can use the rights, who can produce the picture, and pretty much… Who can make the money. And while I really don’t care about seeing a sequel/prequel (how can you prequel a movie that was the origin story?) I am just glad that I probably won’t see Bradley Cooper as Eric.

Cause that would just suck balls.

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