Robert Chesley

The Comics Code is Finally Dead

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The Comics Code Authority has been dated for quite some time. Come February, no major published comic will bear it’s seal of approval, effectively killing this industry mandated seal.

In February, Archie comics will no longer carry the symbol. And you know you’ve lost all relevance when Archie no longer thinks your needed. Here is what Archie Comics President Mike Pellerito had to say on the matter:

“The code never affected us editorially the way I think it did other companies,[…] You know, we aren’t about to start stuffing bodies into refrigerators or anything. We have to answer to Archie fans.”

DC comics also dropped support for the code this month.

The Comics Code Authority was originally designed to fight teenage delinquency in the 50s, and hasn’t really been used by major publishers since the 80s.

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