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The Colony’s Final Episode

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Last night, the final episode of The Colony aired on the Discovery Channel and I have to say, I was excited to see where it was going to lead us. In the past few episodes we’ve seen the colonists get their crap together, build some projects that I wouldn’t even have thought of doing, and finally learning how to live off the land.

SPOILER WARNING! I will be discussing some of the stuff that happens near the end of the episode so if you don’t want to know what happened please stop reading now!

This show really began to show the rest of us in the audience the good and bad sides of human nature and helped people like me take a look at how lavish we really do live at the moment. The fact that I don’t think twice about what I cook for dinner really hit a nerve with me. It was especially bad when watching the colonists eat what seemed to be rancid meat…and when Jim decided to eat a lizard raw, not seconds after he caught it.

The final episode gave me a lot to chew on and I was really happy for what we got from the show, but ultimately let down with some of the stuff that transpired near the end…namely the raid on the Militia camp, the arrival of VOPA, and the abrupt end to the boat ride.

I can understand the need for Discovery to make the final episode exciting, but I felt that some of the special effects used in the dramatic last 5-6 minutes of the show were a bit forced and somewhat cheesy in comparison to the stark realness that we’ve been exposed to over the last couple of weeks.

Yes, I realize that it’s a show, and a ‘reality’ one at that, so I shouldn’t complain, but I think when the experiment is cheapened with special effects, the impact of these people surviving becomes less real and more of a Road Warrior-esque setting. The line between reality and fantasy that has taken time for us to get used to being there was made that much more noticeable with some of the pyrotechnics used in the last few minutes.

Beyond that, the hour-long episode was a hell of a blast to watch…my favorite scene being when Jim seemed to have lost his mind and was sitting apart from the other colonists when the VOPA trucks pulled up to take two of the colony with them. Sian jumping on the chance to go with the men from VOPA was another twist that I hadn’t expected, but was completely understandable if you approached it as someone in the same situation.

For all of the work put into the boat and them escaping to the house on the bayou, I cheered. However the very end when their faces go from ear-to-ear smiles to ones of shock and disbelief when they see the Militia members on the pier they were approaching was priceless. I just wish they would have given a bit more closure to the story, maybe an episode documenting the colonists’ return to civilization?

If I had to give this a rating, it’d have to be an overwhelming thumbs-up just for Jim eating a live lizard and the fight between DeVille and Becka over whether he should go with VOPA or not.

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