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The Colony, Season Two Casting:Put your money where your Post Apoc mouth is

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the colony, or "how I would have done it" the show...still not reality enough, I'll go watch Frank the Entertainer!

So, you complained about realism, or how the show seemed too easy.  You talked about how you would have done things correctly, or that you’re such an obvious bad ass that you could have survived alone.  Alright then, let’s see you throw down and get on the show, prove to me that you are right and I was wrong.

I dare you.

If you get on the show, and prove to me that in my liking this show and what I perceived as ‘Realism’ and ‘Learning Value’ was for naught because you have shown me the one true way to survive in the Post Apoc world… I’ll send you a card and maybe a slip of paper that says ‘IOU One Beer’.

Me? I’m not going to sign up, I know I’m screwed, unless there is a way to invent solar powered hearing aids, I’d be utterly useless when the batteries die after 6 days.  Oh yeah, and slap on the fact that I have no dark or peripheral vision, I KNOW I won’t survive.  Yet, I love this show because at least I get those little tips so that when I become the Igor of the Post Apoc world, I’ll have some usefulness.

John Cohn, the wild haired “Mad Scientist” of the last season has been asked to help find his replacement.  You can check it out on an MITblog that he contributed to.  If you think you’re the next science geek that will awe people with your high tech/with low grade material inventor skills, check out his blog posting.


The Discovery Channel invites you to participate in an extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime experience: in the second season of this critically acclaimed docu-reality series deemed a “social experiment”, a group of eleven strangers must co-exist in a simulated, post-apocalyptic world. The world as you know it is gone – there is no water, no food, no communication, no power. It’s now up to you and eleven strangers to fend for yourselves as you rebuild society and reengineer the world as you once knew it.

If you understand the science of survival, if you have a skill that would help you and others survive after a catastrophe, if you are ambitious, motivated, resourceful under pressure and willing to un-tap your personal ingenuity, we are looking for you. Join us in this true test of the human spirit.

If interested, please email the following info to: [email protected]









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