Ryan Thomason

The Colony: Season 2 Finale

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Discovery Channel was nice enough to send me a little package in the mail, and in it was the final episode of the season! Which you can watch Tuesday at 10PM Eastern time on Discovery Channel. I have to say it is always sad to see a show that I really like end for the season, and the finale of The Colony didn’t let me down one bit. I was very surprised with how things went down in the end, and not in a bad way. We get to see the Colonists get some revenge on the group that harassed them for 50 days, the final build is completed at almost the zero hour, and I was shocked at the person who decided to stay behind.

I’ll have to say, this finale wasn’t as exciting in terms of their exit as the first season. During the first season the Colonists are being actively raided and nearly swarmed over then they got their big truck working and came blasting out the back door. It was almost what you would have expected in a movie, which only made the people who don’t like the show scream even harder that the whole thing is scripted. The season two ending on the other hand is slightly more realistic, their escape vehicle is done, they got packed up, and everyone piled in as the people they raided the day before came back for their supplies.

We get to see VOPA one more time, and without spoiling it too much, this is when the Discovery Channel had been hinting that one person stays behind happens. That person who left with VOPA, the speed and willing to just say “Screw you guys” in the one tenths of a second was probably the most shocking part of the episode for me. It was hard to figure out why after all the time invested and the bond that seemed to form with the core group. That this person was so willing to just grab their gear and then run away at the mere mention that VOPA would take only a very small number with them had me raising eyebrows.

In the end, how does this season compare to the first? I think it was better to be honest. This one had some more realistic fighting (they actually got into fights with marauders and raiders!) and the setting was more wide open. These second batch of Colonists were nearly put to the test every single day in a fight for their lives, they were starved, beaten, kidnapped then put for ransom, harassed, and stretched to near exhaustion. How they were able to do it? I don’t know. I was able to learn some things and add knowledge to my memory banks for if in the possibility the world does come crashing down, I might be useful. At least until my hearing aid batteries run out, and my contacts run out then my degrading night vision gets worse and worse! As much as I love everything Post Apoc, I doubt I could survive it, I’d sure love to give it a test run like these guys did though.

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