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The Colony, Season 2, Ep 3: Review

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This episode airing Tuesday, August 10th on the Discovery Channel, starts out like a big pile of poo. Ok, I meant that literally. It starts out with poo. Apparently they’ve been using an outhouse, it’s very full, and it needs to be taken care of. A hole is dug, the outhouse pushed over it, and a relief hole is cut into the outhouse. Welcome to your post apoc world people.

We’re starting to see what kind of physical toll that surviving their post apocalyptic world is starting to have on the colonist after 11 days. Some of them have lost 20lbs, most have lost 10 already. Becka is an exception at 2lbs, how much does a model have to lose really? The lack of abundant food supplies is definitely affecting them. I wonder how many of them ravaged a fast food joint after this whole thing was done. They still have 40 more days to go at this folks, hopefully they can just survive malnutrition.

The big thing this week, is an introduction of two new people to the compound. They are “given” a house by the colonist to live in, tensions start immediately as they start savaging for their own resources. What were the colonist expecting, that these people wouldn’t want to have their own resources too? The resulting arguments is a good watch, and you can guess who is at the front of it, yeah, it’s Reno. He’s easily becoming my favorite colonist, and if there was someone who looks like the leader of the group it’s him. The building conflict between the two groups is something that I’m interested in seeing how it develops. Will the new people start taking in drifters of their own and gaining in numbers? Will the Colonist kick them out?

The building of basics is still underway, this week we get to see attempts at building a Smokehouse for curing food, a Forge to work metal, and a shower. Some work exemplary, one gets a little messed up because of a bumbling Jim, who blames it on the creator. I’m starting to dislike Jim more now, he’s a little over the top, with his mouth, and with his reactions to having to defend himself. He needs to be knocked down a peg or two and calm the hell down. The one build that I noticed that had a bunch of ‘?’ around it on my notes was the shower, which was built in the place that kind of screamed to me. “Hey look, something easy to burn/destroy.” I’ll let you guys take a guess as to who got the first test of the shower. It’s an easy one.

We get a taste of the colonist negotiation skills, as traders have made their way to the compound. It seemed like the colonist made out with the better end of the negotiation table, but we’ll see in the end won’t we?

George Willis who I initially thought was somewhat of a lazy, “I’m used to my comfortable life” guy has done a 180 on me. I think that once they got the crap beat out of them by the gang in the first episode, it seemed that he’s stepped up more. His build that he does this week (Forge) has a pretty cool result, and for as basic as it is, I’m really looking forward to him showing people what he’s going to do with it.

This episode closes on a great note though, we get a nice setup for what happens next week. I’ll just say this. When your out foraging, and now you’re the “Bad Guys”, it’s going to bite you in the butt.

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