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The Colony: Returns for Season 2

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That’s right people, all of you that watched the first season that complained about how horrible the show was, and how it’s not realistic enough for you, etc, etc. It’s back, and I’m very excited to see where the turn takes this season. I’ll be keeping you up to date on all 10 episodes and hopefully can get some interviews like I did for season 1. Looking at the cast bio’s it does seem like they made a conscious effort to not have it so “Phd/Super Specialist” laden this time around. Where are the colonist going to be this time around and how do the people seem to stack up so far? Lets find out.

The territory they are going to be living on for the experiment will be a 10 acre plot of abandoned neighborhood on the Gulf Coast of Louisiana that had been decimated by Hurricane Katrina. So, it’s a a naturally occurring disaster zone that was slated to be bulldozed and turned into a public park. 1 point in their favor for me so far. You might think that is a small area to cover, but honestly people, it’s not like you can really make a whole town for a show like this. At least it won’t be fake in any way, you can’t fake what Hurricane Katrina did to whole now abandoned neighborhoods.

They seem to have knocked down the amount of people on the team that is set to try and survive the post apocalyptic environment. In season 1 we saw 10 people. Season 2, it’s been cut down to 7. If you were complaining about the amount of ‘rocket scientists/fancy pants’ in the first season, you’ll have to keep your mouth shut this time around. It looks like the working class is getting a good show around this time: Carpenter, Mechanic/Shop Owner, Retired Contractor, Geology Professor, Model, Foreman (Wireless Communication), and a Model Maker. No doctor or nurse this time? I hope they know how to use a band-aid.

I’m going to be watching it on Tuesdays at 10PM ET/PT beginning July 27, you should be too. Hopefully you’ll learn a couple of things so that when/if you find yourself in anything like their situation, you’ll have learned some skills to survive. I’ll be keeping a close eye on this show, so if you have any questions, let me know. I’m hoping WPR can be your go to The Colony info site.

THE COLONY is not a competition, but a controlled experiment that places ordinary people from all walks of life in a simulated post-catastrophic environment and pushes them to their limits, in an ultimate test of personal will and survival skills.

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