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The Colony: Fast Food Cockroaches and a Trike

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Discovery channel sent me a couple of clips for the next episode titled ‘Skout’ of The Colony, that airs tomorrow night (August 31 @ 10PM ET/PT) on Discovery Channel. I know I’ve converted Xopher, our site owner into watching the show, I think it’s time for everyone else to jump on the bandwagon! Reno, Becka and Sally take a trike the colonists built for a test drive. Using the new wheels, the group set out on a mission to find water and explore whether or not other groups of colonists had formed. But what they find is an abandoned fast food restaurant crawling with cockroaches. Becka leads the charge to capture the cockroaches for sustenance – and Sally is excited to find an old deep fryer with oil that she can convert into fuel. Looks like a great episode coming up tomorrow night.

The Colony – Trike Test Drive | Skout

The Colony – Fast Food Cockroaches | Skout

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