Ryan Thomason

The Colony: Episode 5, The Abduction

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Human trafficking, Wind Power made from scratch, and insecurities abound, this is why I like to watch The Colony. It was a fun watch, and there were some high and very low moments for everyone it seemed. This week, we got to see what happened to Becka after her failed berry picking expedition, the team finished a major build, and the Colonist were put to a major test in their negotiation skills.

I’ll be honest, I felt pretty bad when Becka got abducted. Mostly I couldn’t fathom what the shock of it would be like. I could just picture myself moseying out to pick berries and all of a sudden I’m jumped, a bag stuffed over my head, hands tied down and then my body slumped over some brutes shoulder. All while screaming for help that couldn’t hear you nor come. Psychologically, it would have a life time impact. Then to know that your fellow survivors had to give up a crucial part of your inventories to get you back would have wracked me with guilt. I think we are definitely going to see a different Becka from here on out on The Colony, I’m very interested to see how it goes.

The other major milestone that happened this week was getting the windmill constructed. It looked pretty damn awesome at the end. I wonder if discovery channel has any plans to leave details of how to do this build on their website? If you live in a windy area, slapping a little windmill to make some free power for yourself should be any amateur builders dream. This just shows that building clean and renewable energy can be just as easy as savaging car parts, bike parts, and taking a fence apart. I do agree with what Jim said in the closing comments though, the colonist definitely now have a big red flag right about their building. It is telling people that they are there, and they are ripe for plundering attempts.

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