The Classic Mario Game… With Some Added Characters

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Who doesn’t love playing classic games on their computer? Sometimes an emulator is all I need on a nice long bus ride, enjoying a relaxing game of Super Mario World or even something like Pokémon Red. Well I’ve recently come across a flash game online that makes the classic Super Mario Brothers even better.

Think you could run the game better as Link? Swords are handy against Goombas, afterall. Or maybe Samus can do it best. She’s the number one bounty hunter who’s ready to kick some Koopa tail. There’s tons of classic characters included, all with their original soundtracks as well (Because lets face it, hearing Megaman’s tracks play in the Mushroom Kingdom is, well, awesome).

The game is created by a team called Exploding Rabbit, and you can visit their website here. They currently have only the one game created, and it celebrated its one year anniversary a couple weeks ago.

Frankly, I suggest playing as Link. It’s so choice.

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