Alan Smithee

The Chinese Take MMO Nerd to a Whole Different Level

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As if spending hours upon hours playing the same game that doesn’t have an endgame, wasn’t bad enough…we’re now seeing rich ass MMO players in China attempting to outdo each other, in ridiculous ways.

The video today shows what happens when nerds try to one-up each other. Yes, that is a guy who is sitting in a roped off area playing his favorite MMO, World of Magic 2 I believe, on a screen that is about 77,000 square feet large in Beijing. That’s the equivalent of playing World of Warcraft on the Fremont street screens (except the resolution is bound to be better in China).

His whole reasoning for this is that a competing guildmaster showed off first by playing his game on an IMAX screen. Seriously, what’s next for these people? Someone needs to send that guy off to one of those ‘treatment’ facilities to help him with his ‘problem’.

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