The Celebrity Guest of Crypticon Seattle 2015

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For anyone who follows my writing, you’d know that out of all the conventions I cover each year, Crypticon is my favorite. Every Memorial Day Weekend horror fans from around the world gather at the Hilton Seattle Airport and Conference Center. That is not an exaggeration either. Every year I meet people who’ve traveled from other countries to meet their favorite stars and hang out with like-minded people in a very comfortable setting.

Stand out stars this year

The Soska Sisters

crypticonDespite showing up two years in a row, there was no doubt that the Soska sisters were the stars of this years convention. The fans absolutely love them and there’s a good reason for that. Despite being talented and in the midst of a rising career in cinema, they still manage to be humble and very patient with all their fans. I was glad to seem them with a consistent line at their table. If you don’t know who the Soska Sisters are, they’re the directors of Dead Hooker in a Trunk, American Mary, See No Evil 2, a segment in ABCs of Death 2, Vendetta, and have signed on to direct the upcoming Painkiller Jane movie. They are keeping busy for sure. I didn’t bother waiting in line to see them this year, but I was lucky enough to be checking in at the same time they were at the same hotel. Silvia gave me an unsolicited hug and Jen recognized my The Thing t-shirt despite it being 95% covered by my hoody. This type of friendliness sets them apart from most filmmakers.

Jessica Cameron

crypticonYou may remember Jessica from my interview with her last year and since then she has been working a lot. Most notably are her roles in the upcoming Desolation, Utero, and Save Yourself. All three of which she also produces. More than all of these movies I am most impressed with her upcoming film Mania and the documentary that followed the making of it called Kill the PA. I backed these early on and can’t wait to get my copies. We tried to put together a follow-up interview to last years, but our schedules never lined up. She was however, nice enough to let me have lunch with her on Saturday and the conversation was lovely. Also check out my review of her movie Truth or Dare here.

Clint Howard:

crypticonNot just the younger brother of Ron Howard, Clint is a genre icon. He was a late night movie mainstay with roles in movies like Rock and Roll High School, The Wraith, Carnosaur, Ticks, and of course Ice Cream Man. You probably remember him as the creepy guy in Adam Sandler films. No, not Steve Buscemi or Rob Schneider, but yes the guy playing with his nipples in Little Nicky. Maybe you might recognize him from his bit roles in his brother’s films like Cocoon, Back Draft, and Apollo 13. If you’re really old you might recognize him as the little boy from Gentle Ben. I could do this all day long. Point is, dude has been in a lot of movies and unless you knew to look, you didn’t recognize him. I didn’t take the time to talk to him personally because of my tight schedule, but word around the con was he was a truly nice guy. I’m glad to see that he’s still working and hope he gets some more cult roles to put under his belt.

The Devil’s Rejects

crypticonSid Haig, Bill Moseley, Ken Foree, William Forsythe, and Michael Berryman.

I’ve done interviews with Sid Haig before. The guy is pretty much playing an exaggerated version of himself in most any movie. He is intense at times, a bit off, and despite the impression of being on the edge of insanity, he’s probably the smartest guy in the room at any given time. While The Devil’s Rejects wasn’t my favorite movie, and I think Rob Zombie should be banned from making films, I did find the panel interview by Tony Kay and William Bivens to be beyond interesting.

While this group of people may not ever win a beauty pageant, they’re all very interesting and talented actors with some amazing titles under their belt. Most are fairly pleasant to meet if you ever get a chance. It was a bit surreal to sit next to these fellows as they had breakfast Saturday morning. If you could just imagine for a moment these men enjoying their coffee and eggs, chit chatting, and catching up all whilst I’m replaying every violent act they’ve done on film in my mind.

Twin Peaks’ Sheryl Lee and Sherilyn Fenn


The highlight of my weekend was Steve Lange’s interview of these two amazing women but I won’t go into too many details because that’s an entirely different article. All I can say is it’ll include a lot of details about the upcoming new episodes of Twin Peaks and tales of Sherilyn Fenn’s amazing impersonations of David Lynch. Steve Lange did an amazing job at interviewing these nice ladies and I must also add they were very approachable at their table on the con floor.



There were many great guests this year. Far too many to talk about here. To see a list of all the stars that were there click here.

Check back here for articles on the panels I participated in this year and an interview I did with Anastasia Baranova, and Russell Hodgkinson of Z Nation

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