Ryan Thomason

The Caves of Steel Movie Adaption?

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20th Century Fox is hoping that lightning strikes twice after they adapted Isaac Asimov’s work before to make ‘I, Robot’. The studio has set Henry Hobson to direct and John Scott 3 (Apparently how you’re supposed to put his name?) to adapt the murder mystery that was first published as a book in 1954.

I honestly wish I knew more about this book, it’s jumped to the top of my list right now of “old books I should have read by this point”. I will not wiki it, that’s too easy.

Here is the best not totally spoiler breakdown of the book:

The Caves of Steel is a murder mystery that takes place 1,000 years in the future, on an overpopulated Earth where there is a phobia about robots. The title refers to giant city complexes that are necessary because Earth is so overpopulated. While robots are used for labor in outlying “spacer worlds” where the rich live on spacious parcels, the robots are outlawed on Earth. A Spacer Ambassador lobbying to loosen Earth’s anti-robot restrictions is found dead, his chest imploded by an energy blaster, and a detective is matched with a human-looking robot to solve the crime.


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