Alan Smithee

The Cape Passes Without a Whimper

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I have zero hope that this series will come back…ZERO, and that’s too bad because this retarded show was actually one of the most entertaining super-hero based shows I’ve seen in a long time. Each of the 9 campy episodes of The Cape easily outweigh any episode of Heroes by a factor of 20.

The last episode that aired this week gave me even more reason to lament the passing of this TV series as its timeslot is prepared for the epic derp that is The Event. There was a ton of Keith David and Vinnie Jones this episode, both giving their all to make their characters the archetypes they know them to be.

I don’t want to bore you with all of the details but it was a really good episode that left us wondering what the hell was up with Summer Glau, which apparently would have been discussed in 2 episodes that never even got filmed. There’s even an episode 10 out there that we probably won’t see until the series is thrown to the home market.

While I’m sad to see this show go away, it’s probably better that it does. Shows that are this unintentionally silly rarely work as a series in longform.

At least I still have No Ordinary Family.

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