The Calling: Cthulhu Chronicles #3

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Is it me or are my comics letting me down a lot these days?
Here in The Calling:  Cthulhu Chronicles #3 I feel that the slow push of the first two issues was thrown out the window in favor of a rush job.  Is the next issue actually the last?

One thing that I enjoyed about the first two issues was the fairly even and slow pace of the stories.  The authors of The Calling:  Cthulhu Chronicles, Michael Alan Nelson and Johanna Stokes, dispensed with that here.  In this issue, I was treated to a page of dialogue that explained what happened between issues–including a deep conversation that explains a suddenly-appearing major character and a cross-country flight.   Following that, the two sets of characters that we knew were somehow linked, meet improbably.

Frankly, I got lost and had to review issue #2 to check my comprehension.  Not a good thing.

Fortunately, the artist, Christopher Possenti, has been consistent, and the art has not varied between the issues.

Bottom Line:  $1.99/$3.99 (and only because I liked the first two issues)

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