The Best Let’s Play Ever

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Awesome ass movie poster by Demon Allie

So I was bored last night and I was rummaging through some old bookmarks when I found this. An Animal Crossing LP about a boy, who gets shipped off to a strange summer camp, seems interesting and simple enough. What could possibly go wrong with the happy-go-lucky word of Animal Crossing?

Well, things quickly take a turn for the worst and over the course of its 12 chapters (13 if you count the alternate ending) some pretty weird shit goes down. Shit that actually made me unable to put this down until I finished it; not only is this the greatest Let’s Play (which for the uninitiated is where someone, usually from somethingawful, basically narrates as they play a game) but it is also a great example of taking what the game has given you and making into something completely different and personal.

The creativity of Chewbot (the goon responsible for this masterpiece) just amazes me, I could never look at this game and come up with this stuff and now it’s something that sticks in my mind. I don’t think I will ever be able to look at this game the same way again. Towards the end they do rely a lot on artwork outside the game but to me that just makes it better, too many people just throw up a bunch of screens or a video and are just like “Yeah… so, like, this is me playing Battletoads… It’s hard. Oh look this part doesn’t make sense I am so funny! Look how I punched that guy!” and never putting any real thought into it while this person has taken the time to craft a gripping story, its own world, and not just “this is me picking weeds, Nook is a douchenozzle.”

If you like the game or suspense/horror stories then definitely check this out! If you don’t like either then READ IT ANYWAY BECAUSE IT IS AMAZING.

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